Writing a casting brief

I am Lynne Marie Rosenberg. I am thirty-four, but I look twenty-seven, and I sound forty-five. I am Jewish, but not Jewish enough to play Jewish.

Writing a casting brief

Even for Twitter campaigns. So why not for video? But before diving into producing your videofirst you need to write a video brief. This is the place to combine all of your thoughts in one space and ensure no important planning has been missed.

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It comes with examples too! It might sound obvious, but you need to be clear about the purpose of your video content. What goal are you aiming to achieve? Note down if you want your video to increase traffic to your website, create a change in employee behaviour, or encourage lead conversion and use specific figures.

Who Are You Speaking To? Next up, you should consider your target audience. Who will watch your video? Will it be leads, customers, employees, or other stakeholders?

Aim to write down as much as you can about an average viewer, from their demographics to their occupation to their personality. Our video production brief template will also help you use insights to hook your target audience.

The better you know your target audience and what response you want to create in them, the better your video will be. What Do You Want to Say?

Try to stick to just one core message if possible, or two at a stretch.

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This method is called a message map, as popularised by Carmine Gallo. Where Will it Be Watched? Your video needs to be perfectly matched to the places where it will be distributed. Always remember that where you put your video should depend upon who your audience are, and how you can best reach them.

A good video agency will guide you through every stage of this process, as well as ensuring your initial brief is up to scratch.

writing a casting brief

Our simple template asks you all of these questions in even more depth, with preview examples. So now you know how to write a video production brief and whydownload our template and get started today!The Casting Brief Before a casting, review the project brief and list what you want: this will form a casting brief.

Talk to bookers and send the casting brief to . Your casting notice should contain, at minimum, these elements: Project title and the type of video you’re casting: Identify your video as an external video, industry event video (for a trade show, for example), or internal video for company use.

Write it in third person. This is not an autobiography, it's a bio.

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Use subjects like—she/he, your name (Gwyn), your professional address (Mrs. Gilliss), etc. How To Write A Good Bio Posted on January 23, January 22, in Public Speaking, Writing Well by Scott Berkun Many good people write bad bios for themselves.

7 Tips For Writing A Kick-Ass Brief. By Natalie A sharply written brief stands the best chance at clobbering the opposing side in a battle of filings, but key points can get drowned out by.

That's it — 5 easy questions to help you write an effective video brief. Once you've got all your thoughts down, the next step is to crack on with the video production process.

This will mean developing the creative idea behind your video, creating a story to tie it all .

How to Write a Video Brief in 5 Easy Steps [Free Template]