The station agent using the film

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The station agent using the film

The most obvious changes involved the names of the novel's characters: The submarine Dolphin became Tigerfish as the real USS Dolphinlaunched between the publication of the novel and the making of the film, was a diesel submarine.

Carpenter was renamed David Jones. Commander Swanson was changed to Commander Ferraday. Beyond the name change, the film's submarine has a more traditionally conventional design similar to the first nuclear-powered submarine, the Nautilusrather than the more streamlined, teardrop-shaped vessel the contemporaneous Skipjack or Permit designs described in the novel—simply because the production used the World War II diesel-electric submarine USS Ronquil SS to represent the fictitious Tigerfish.

The Tigerfish hull number has never been used for an actual U. Navy submarine, although it would appear again in fiction in the television movie Assault on the Wayne and the Mission: Much of the characterization involving the submarine's crew found in the novel was jettisoned in favor of these new cinematic creations.

Unlike The station agent using the film film, the novel describes little overt Soviet interest in recovering the film capsule other than a spy ship disguised as a fishing trawler waiting outside Holy Loch when the Tigerfish sets sail.

In the novel, there are no Soviets on the ice and no confrontation of any kind on the ice with the Soviets. The novel's fire on board the submarine does not occur in the film, whereas the nearly fatal flooding of the forward torpedo room is common to the film and the novel.

The sabotage of the torpedo tubes is committed by a suspected intelligence agent actually Vaslov in the film. In the novel, a port maintenance worker is suspected. The film's new climax involves a confrontation between Soviet paratroopers and the American Marines, but concludes on a more ambiguous note than the novel, reflecting the perceived thaw in the Cold War following the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Development[ edit ] The film rights to the novel were acquired the following year by producer Martin Ransohoffwho hoped to capitalize on the success of the blockbuster The Guns of Navarone by adapting another Alistair MacLean novel for the silver screen as a follow-up.

Surges was borrowed from the Mirisch Company. Department of Defense objections over Paddy Chayefsky 's screenplay because they felt it showed "an unfair distortion of military life" that would "damage the reputation of the navy and its personnel" [9] delayed the start.

A new script was commissioned. Final Cast[ edit ] Due to scheduling conflicts, the original cast was no longer available when filming began in Spring Rock Hudson replaced Gregory Peck by February. There were no women in the cast. The underwater scenes used a model of a Skate class nuclear submarine.

George Davis, head of art department at MGM spent two years researching the design for the sub. Stephens developed an innovative underwater camera system that successfully filmed the first continuous dive of a submarine, which became the subject of the documentary featurette The Man Who Makes a Difference.

During filming, McGoohan had to be rescued from a flooded chamber by a diver who freed his trapped foot, saving his life. Inthe United States National Reconnaissance Office declassified information stating that "an individual formerly possessing Corona access was the technical adviser to the movie" and admitted "the resemblance of the loss of the Discoverer II capsule, and its probable recovery by the Soviets" on Spitsbergen Island, to the book by Alistair MacLean.

After searching the station, they were picked up three days later by the B using the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system.

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As in the film the drip cock was blocked on the newly built Thetis by dockyard-applied fresh paint which led to the rear cap being opened while the bow cap was already open to the ocean.

Water entered at the rate of one ton per second and Thetis sank with the loss of 98 lives.

The station agent using the film

In the movie the drip cock has been blocked with epoxy adhesive. Reclusive billionaire Howard Hugheswho had experience both as a movie producer and a defense contractor for the United Statesis said to have watched a private print of Ice Station Zebra times on a continuous loop in his private hotel suite during the years prior to his death.

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It was on almost every night. Hughes loved that movie.Dec 05,  · 'The Station Agent' is a masterpiece of fine acting, with Peter Dinklage, Patricia Clarkson and Bobby Cannavale delivering pitch-perfect, bell-ringing performances. As the reticent dwarf, Dinklage is particularly brilliant at creating a character out of little more than body language and facial expressions/10(K).

The Station Agent is little more than a three-character, metaphorically burdened off-Broadway play, but Peter Dinklage's understated performance gives it a bit of substance%. 'The Station Agent ' is the kind of superb film you want to share with everyone!

It is a slow feel good film with no real direction nor any real ending. Fin, a four foot five inch small person, played by Peter Dinklage, has inherited an outpost dilapidated train Agent's Station in the wilds of New Jersey/5(K).

A germ that could destroy life on Earth is stolen from a biological warfare lab and the thief threatens to release it into the open, prompting a security officer to act. Melinda May was born to William and to the intelligence operative, Lian age 7 she became an ice skater and admired the famous ice skater Dorothy Hamill, winning many awards in benjaminpohle.comr, she found the ice too hard when she fell on it, so at the age of 12, she switched to martial arts, where the floors were padded.

Berlin Station kicks it up a notch in this aptly titled episode, “Right of Way.” For a second time this season, the show hits its mark with the perfect pacing and unexpected sabotage twist and plot turn that’s about to send us barreling down a new path to achieve the team’s end goal – .

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