The process of international assignments and

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The process of international assignments and

Describe how to prepare for an international assignment. Discuss the acculturation process as an expatriate. Describe effective strategies for living and working abroad.

Suppose you have the opportunity to work or study in a foreign country. You may find the prospect of an international assignment intriguing, challenging, or even frightening; indeed, most professionals employed abroad will tell you they pass through all three stages at some point during the assignment.

They may also share their sense of adjustment, even embrace of their host culture, and the challenges of reintegration into their native country.

An international assignment, whether as a student or a career professional, requires work and preparation, and should be given the time and consideration of any major life change.

The process of international assignments and

When you lose a loved one, it takes time to come to terms with the loss. When someone you love is diagnosed with a serious illness, the news may take some time to sink in. When a new baby enters your family, a period of adjustment is predictable and prolonged.

All these major life changes can stress an individual beyond their capacity to adjust. International business assignments are a reflection of increased global trade, and as trade decreases, they may become an expensive luxury.

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As technology allows for instant face-to-face communication, and group collaboration on documents via cloud computing and storage, the need for physical travel may be reduced.

But regardless of whether your assignment involves relocation abroad, supervision of managers in another country at a distance, or supervision by a foreign manager, you will need to learn more about the language, culture, and customs that are not your own.

You will need to compare and contrast, and seek experiences that lend insight, in order to communicate more effectively. An efficient, effective manager in any country is desirable, but one with international experience even more so.

You will represent your company and they will represent you, including a considerable financial investment, either by your employer in the case of a professional assignment or by whoever is financing your education in the case of studying abroad. That investment should not be taken lightly. As many as 40 percent of foreign-assigned employees terminate their assignments early Tu, H.

Of those that remain, almost 50 percent are less than effective Tu, H. Your experience with other cultures may have come firsthand, but for most, a foreign location like Paris is an idea formed from exposure to images via the mass media.

Paris may be known for its art, as a place for lovers, or as a great place to buy bread. But if you have only ever known about a place through the lens of a camera, you have only seen the portraits designed and portrayed by others.

You will lack the multidimensional view of one who lives and works in Paris, and even if you are aware of its history, its economic development, or its recent changes, these are all academic observations until the moment of experience. That is not to say that research does not form a solid foundation in preparation for an international assignment, but it does reinforce the distinction between a media-fabricated ideal and real life.

Awareness of this difference is an important step as you prepare yourself for life in a foreign culture. If the decision is yours to make, take your time. If others are involved, and family is a consideration, you should take even more care with this important decision.

Residence abroad requires some knowledge of the language, an ability to adapt, and an interest in learning about different cultures.

If family members are not a part of the decision, or lack the language skills or interest, the assignment may prove overwhelming and lead to failure.

Sixty-four percent of expatriate respondents who terminated their assignment early indicated that family concerns were the primary reason Contreras, C. Points to consider include the following: How flexible are you?

Do you need everything spelled out or can you go with the flow? Can you adapt to new ways of doing business?Ignou MBA Solved Assignments, Human Resourse Management HRM, Finance, Operations Management, Marketing Management, Solved MBA IGNOU Assignment Answers.

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International business assignments are a reflection of increased global trade, and as trade decreases, they may become an expensive luxury. As technology allows for instant face-to-face communication, and group collaboration on documents via cloud computing .

“This supports the feeling that companies are paying more attention to, and realizing the importance of, how international assignments support employee growth, business value and retention.

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