The life work and death of tupac shakur

Prior events[ edit ] Tupac Shakur attended the Bruce Seldon vs. Tray told Tupac, and Shakur attacked Orlando Anderson.

The life work and death of tupac shakur

He mentioned Makaveli Records a few times before his death. This was supposed to be a music label for up-and-coming artists that Shakur had an interest in developing or potentially signing, and his own future projects would have been published through it as well.

He made his first film appearance in Nothing but Troubleas part of a cameo by the Digital Underground. His first starring role was in the film Juice. He played Roland Bishop, a violent member of the Wrecking Crew, for which he was hailed by Rolling Stone's Peter Travers as "the film's most magnetic figure".

After his death, three more completed films featuring Shakur were released: BulletGridlock'dand Gang Related Shakur reportedly wanted another type of role, but Hughes would not conform to his wishes, leading to the altercation between the pair which, according to Tyrin Turneralso led members of Shakur's entourage to become physically aggressive toward Hughes.

InHughes said Shakur would have outshined the other actors had he been in the film, "because he was bigger than the movie.

The life work and death of tupac shakur

The role ultimately went to Samuel L. Director John Singleton mentioned that he wrote the script for his film Baby Boy with Shakur in mind for the lead role. The film features a mural of Shakur in the protagonist's bedroom, as well as featuring the song " Hail Mary " in the film's score.

Shakur's love of theater and Shakespeare also influenced his work. A student of the Baltimore School for the Arts where he studied theater, Shakur understood the Shakespearean psychology of inter-gang wars and inter-cultural conflict.

During a interview, Shakur said: He wrote some of the rawest stories, man. I mean look at Romeo and Juliet. That's some serious ghetto shit. You got this guy Romeo from the Bloods who falls for Julieta female from the Cripsand everybody in both gangs is against them. So they have to sneak out and they end up dead for nothing.

And look how Shakespeare busts it up with Macbeth. He creates a tale about this king's wife who convinces a happy man to chase after her and kill her husband so he can take over the country. After he commits the murder, the dude starts having delusions just like in a Scarface song.

I mean the king's wife just screws this guy's whole life up for nothing [ It wasn't just the rhythm or the cadence. I liked their attitude.

It was protest music in a way nobody had ever thought about before. Tupac had so many sides. He was unafraid to write about his vulnerabilities.

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On this initial release, Shakur helped extend the success of such rap groups as Boogie Down ProductionsPublic EnemyX-Clanand Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Fiveas he became one of the first major socially conscious rappers from the West Coast. He also showed his compassionate side with the anthem " Keep Ya Head Up ", while simultaneously putting his legendary aggressiveness on display with the title track from the album Strictly 4 My N.

He added a salute to his former group Digital Underground by including them on the playful track " I Get Around ". Throughout his career, Shakur expressed an increasingly aggressive attitude on his subsequent albums.

Shakur described All Eyez on Me as a celebration of life, and the album was critically and commercially successful. Many analysts currently describe him as a deist. Shakur publicly spoke out against interracial marriage in an interview with Source magazine in[94] but later retracted these comments.

He particularly reacted when people questioned his commitment to the black community and the West Coast. He wore a green tank-top on the night of his death.Early life.

Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on June 16, , into an African-American family in the East Harlem section of Manhattan in New York City.

His birth name was Lesane Parish Crooks. The following year, he was renamed after Túpac Amaru II, the 18th-century Peruvian revolutionary who was executed after leading an indigenous uprising against Spanish rule.

Home» Tupac Biography. Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, – September 13, ) was a highly influential, best-selling American hip hop artist, considered by many to be one of the greatest and most legendary rappers of all time.

Tupac Shakur was a rapper and musician considered to be among the best selling music artists in the world. This biography of Tupac Shakur provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & Keisha Morris.

Afeni Shakur Davis (born Alice Faye Williams; January 10, – May 2, ) was an American activist, businesswoman, and mother of American rapper and actor, Tupac Shakur. However, in after Afeni had separated from Garland, and had married Mutulu Shakur (2Pac's Step-Father), she renamed 2Pac, Tupac Amaru Shakur, after an Incan ruler who was sentenced to death by the Spaniards, the name Tupac Amaru means, Shining Serpent, in the Inca language.

Tupac Shakur, Soundtrack: Poetic Justice. Born in New York City, Tupac grew up primarily in Harlem.

The life work and death of tupac shakur

In , his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he became good friends with Jada Pinkett Smith. His family moved again in to Oakland, California. His first breakthrough in music came in as a member of the group Digital Underground.

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