The far reaching social consequences of transportation

Impacts on Society Climate change is affecting the American people in far-reaching ways. Impacts related to climate change are evident across regions and in many sectors important to society—such as human health, agriculture and food securitywater supply, transportation, energy, ecosystems, and others—and are expected to become increasingly disruptive throughout this century and beyond.

The far reaching social consequences of transportation

Few questions provoke a stronger response than those that address the future of energy.

The far reaching social consequences of transportation

Recent controversies surrounding large-scale oil pipeline projects, such as the Dakota Access or the Keystone XL, underline an ever-present tension: Sloan Foundation Science and Technology Project, offers a powerful reminder that neither the debates nor the profoundly uncertain risks at their center are new.

In matters of our interconnected human and natural fate, contemporary debates over oil sources and supplies simply accentuate how perilously short our collective memory can be. On 20 Aprilthe Deepwater Horizon drilling and exploration rig was completing operations at Mississippi Canyon blockabout 50 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

It drilled 3 miles below the ocean floor, a depth that leaves precious little margin for error.

Origins of Reconstruction

Shelley is the widow of Jason Anderson, one among the 11 people who perished in the blast that started it all. The play then unfolds in a brilliantly rendered mosaic of interview transcripts, court proceedings, and media coverage that detail the complex drilling operation and the layered social worlds embedded in it.


Lives lost on the rig transform from casualty statistics into human beings, whose full and complicated lives are reanimated through the voices of family members and communities. With equal care and attention, the production guides viewers to reconsider the might of the geophysical entities from which oil itself is extracted.

When characters speak of the well, they do so with reverence.

Short Circuit: The High Cost of Electric Vehicle Subsidies | Manhattan Institute

Yet by tracing the massive scale and scope of offshore drilling, it also points beyond a single event, confronting its audience with the enduring question at its heart: What does it actually mean to satisfy our endless appetite for oil? Are we willing to assume the attendant risks, even in the absence of a clear understanding of what those risks are?

The far reaching social consequences of transportation

The incalculable environmental impact now assumes center stage: Dispersant chemicals, and insufficient protection from exposure to them, added yet another injury to coastal communities already seriously dispossessed. There is nothing clean about our overwhelming dependence on oil—not even cleanup itself.

Playwright Leigh Fondakowski has written and directed an unforgettable play that gives fundamentally human contours to an iconic environmental tragedy. The production is a thoroughly researched, brilliantly acted, and fully engaging opportunity to hear, see, and in large measure feel the usually invisible costs of human dependency on oil.

It moves far beyond the facts of the event, recounting the largest marine oil spill in history as a tragedy that has never fully ended. SPILL lays bare the inseparable connections between human and natural fates, confronting us afresh with the extremely dangerous mission of an everyday life dominated by oil extraction, transportation, and consumption.

It is a holistic portrayal of a catastrophe that need not be repeated.

The end of Reconstruction

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