Stevens college essay

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Stevens college essay

By giving the atheist voice the duty narration and the religious voice a duty of question tradition roles are switched. Formally, it is the religious voice, as like the bible, of which the atheist questions. Stevens uses this traditional switch as to show the atheist doctrine as superior, of which man should follow instead of religion.

The older lady has not, however, shaken the hold of those religious doctrines in which she is familiar with. The stevens college essay is like wide water, without sound, Stilled for the passing of her dreaming feet Over the seas, to silent Palestine, Dominion of the blood and sepulcher Stevens, 5 The image of the older lady becomes transposed with the image of Christ walking on the water as passes through her thoughts onto the subjects of religion.

Through her atheist voice, the older lady examines her relation to religion and uses it as an example for those who live by such religious doctrines. Through this dreamlike journey to Palestine, the examination of her relationship to religion will serves as a lesson.

In the beginning of the poem, it is Sunday morning and the older lady, through whose awareness the question of religious faith is to be examined, is not at church. Instead she is sitting in her dressing room, dressed in a negligee, with oranges and coffee on the table.

Michelangelo by Rhys Carpenter Essay The weather is sunny and her pet cockatoo is out of its cage and flying about the room. All this helps to put aside the religious significance of the day.

Why should she give her bounty to the dead?

stevens college essay

What is divinity if it can come Only in silent shadows and dreams? As shown through the fruit on the table, the atheist voice shows an example of relief through representation of beauty in nature, objects of delight and comfort as good as the doctrine offered by Christ. The atheist voice pursues this thought through an example of the ancients.

Then, the sky was an embodiment of heaven and which give it meaning. The religious voice cannot believe in this joy because it is momentary, symbolically shown through their migration.

The atheist responds through an example of the religious doctrines, beginning to take an active voice within its narration. The atheist voice answers that the religious view of imperishability within a beautiful paradise it is not to be.

Although she strews the leaves Of sure obliteration on our paths Stevens, 6 The atheist voice persist, that it is in our transitory nature of existence, the imminence of death, which thrills us with the beauty of existence.

Without the knowledge that all things are to be obliterated, man would not see the beauty of life. The atheist voice questions the very nature of a paradise as an after life. In Paradise, everything is like earth, but static, and unchanging. There can be no beauty, shown through the atheist voice, in paradise because death is the precondition for the knowledge of beauty.

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The atheist voice offers a romantic vision, a picture of how the rite of the religion of the earth could on earth. Supple and turbulent, a ring of men Shall chant in orgy on a summer morn Their boisterous devotion to the sun, Not as a good, but as a god might be, Naked among them, like a savage source Stevens, 7 Men dance and hymn the existence of themselves under and in unison with the sun, the source of life, but without defying the sun, nor expecting a life for themselves beyond this one.

Part of the earth, they accept joyfully the fact of their life as well as the fact of their death. Humans live on earth and are of the earth; about us earth offers its majesty and beauty and power. It is pigeons, in the evening, that slide from the sky, not angels or gods, and day ends as life ends, in darkness.

Through the discussion in the mind of an old lady, the two voices within her debated on the merits of religion and atheism. It was through a romantic ideal of atheism that death is shown as the mother of beauty and that beauty and bliss can only be represented on earth because of our human condition of death.

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This poem serves as an example of the romantic atheist doctrine being questioned through a traditional religious debate. In this debate the atheist ideals are questioned, switching the traditional roles, and is shown through the symbolic expression of atheist ideals of heaven on earth. Choose Type of service.Undergraduate Admissions Graduate Admissions Stevens Veterans Office Pre-College Programs Tuition & Financial Aid Success After Stevens.

stevens college essay

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