Sample sociology research paper

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Sample sociology research paper

A Review of the Literature In this day of age, many Americans are having a hard time looking for jobs due to the economy. There are four conflicts which we decided to cover, which are, wages, education, race, and also supply and demand for U.

Sample sociology research paper

The reason why we decided to research this topic is to provide information on how immigration either a positive or negative effect to the employment rates here in America. With that said, our hypothesis is that immigration will have a negative effect on American workers due to the fact that they will have more competition to the mass immigration over the past decade.

The rest of this literature Sample sociology research paper will be split up into four sections, discussing the four conflicts we have chosen followed by a conclusion.

Are different races location affected differently by immigration?

Sample sociology research paper

Effects on Wages Illegal immigration has a dramatic effect on wages in the lower class area of the American economy in many different ways Caramota, One way that immigrants affect wages is by working for less money once they arrive to the country Caramota, Most of the time the level of education of immigrants is much lower than the level of education of native United States citizens Caramota, Since illegals are willing to work for less money, business owners would rather hire an illegal than a native because they can save a lot of money for the business by doing so Caramota, Because the United States has a minimum wage requirement in each state, legal citizens are not able to compete with illegal immigrants by accepting lower wages Caramota, Also, since there is a salary tax that every U.

S citizen has to pay to the government, natives would be doomed financially if they were taxed on earning wages under the minimum wage requirement Caramota, Many employers view immigrants as better employees and it is very common that small businessmen and women will disclose that they favor Hispanic and Asian immigrants over native workers Caramota, Consequently, the threat of further immigration will continue to put a downward pressure on wages Caramota, Subsequently, immigrants are eager to work for less money and that is always going to keep the wages down in the lower end of the labor market Caramota, The money is being distributed differently due to immigration Caramota, The money that is supposed to be spent towards helping the poor is going to the rich Caramota, The total earnings of natives without a highs school degree are roughly thirteen-billion dollars lower due to immigration and the total earnings of those with a high school degree are roughly nineteen billions dollars higher, which is a total gain of six billion dollars Caramota, Most of the money that the natives without a high school degree lose is in occupations where they have the largest immigration arrival Caramota, This also means that these areas are where there is the highest unemployment rates occur in the native job market.

There is also a direct correlation with the unemployment of natives and the employment of immigrants Caramota, There is clear empirical evidence that immigrants are stealing wages from natives based on this study Caramota, Immigration and the Economy iv Immigration and the Economy iv Education Issues Immigration is seen by many American citizens as a plague to the American economy.

They feel that these immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens, which can help Americans with the now struggling economy.

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Immigrants mostly focus on and take the unskilled labor jobs that are often neglected by American citizens, at least only the highly skilled and educated American citizens. From the studies of Pia M. Orrenius and Madeline Zavondny, researchers at the Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas and Atlanta, annual wages of low skilled and uneducated workers are seen to be slightly effected by immigration workers Greg Anrig, Tova Andrea Wang, The wages are seen to be about 2.

Service related workers and workers with professions have seen to have little to no influence on their wages due to immigration, It may even help and have a positive effect in this case Greg Anrig, Tova Andrea Wang, Immigration and the Economy v Immigration and the Economy v But on the other side of the argument, an outspoken supporter of stronger immigration restrictions, George Borjas, a Harvard Economist, states that he has found many more notable and relative negative effects on the earning of unskilled American citizens.

Highschool dropouts, college graduates, high school graduates, and people with little college education all saw a difference in drop Greg Anrig, Tova Andrea Wang, Highschool dropouts had a drop of 8.

At the end of the day most economists can come to the conclusion that immigration had dropped wages of American citizens with little or no education or skill, but for the rest of the American workers the impact shows very minimal to no effect at all Greg Anrig, Tova Andrea Wang, Immigration and the Economy vi Immigration and the Economy vi Although immigrants do reduce wages for the less educated and unskilled the wages do not just disappear, but rather they get passed down by employers Steven A.

These workers roughly correspond to the poorest 10 percent of the workforce. Increased Supply of Immigrant Workers When it comes to immigration, the myth is that immigrants are taking American Jobs because they are more willing to take lower wages and more work hours compared to Americans.

This leads to less jobs going to Americans and more jobs going to the new immigrants looking for any job they can get. That means all the unemployed adult natives is equal to amount of immigrants getting jobs and it was also found that half of those immigrants were from illegal immigration.Example Sociology Essays.

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