Persuasive essay organic food

Organic food has been one of the fastest growing sectors of food industry in the past few decades as a legitimate alternative to conventional food. There is a growing market for organic food even though its price is usually significantly higher than that of conventional food. The reasons of such large demand of organic food lie in its benefits. Why do people purchase organic food over traditional food, and what makes it more and more demanding?

Persuasive essay organic food

A persuasive speech about food will be a speech that listeners can relate to and therefore will be interested in. Persuasive speeches involves influencing an audience to accept your idea through the use of argumentation, rationalization, symbolism and factual support of claims.

You should pick a topic that you are knowledgeable in and believe in. Never Eat Fast Food Persuade your audience to put down the fast food in exchange for healthier alternatives. A persuasive speech on the harmful affects of fast food on your health should include a lot of facts.

Use a variety of fast food chains for your examples and discuss the sodium, fat, sugar and calorie levels of those items in comparison to the recommended daily intake.

Persuasive essay organic food

Clips from the documentary "Super Size Me" can be used as visual aids throughout your speech. This documentary examines the effect of fast food on a person's health. Eat Healthy Breakfast Create samples to hand out to your audience. A speech outlining why breakfast is the most important meal of the day can encourage your listeners to start their day off right.

Consider constructing a chart comparing sugary cereals and high-fat breakfast meats to oatmeal, lean meats and egg substitutes. Include facts on how skipping breakfast or eating an unhealthy breakfast can affect your health.

For instance, studies show that breakfast plays an important role in maintaining body weight. The benefits of dining in include saving money, healthier options, portion control, reduction of temptation and increased family time. However, in persuasive speeches it is important to show opposing opinions and counter those arguments.

Construct your speech in an argument-reaction format, summing up why dining in is overall better than eating out at the end of your speech.

Persuasive essay organic food

Eating Organic This is a wide topic that can be broken down into sub-categories or separate speeches. Eating organic helps small farmers, is good for the earth and has many health benefits.

If you choose to use all of these facts in your speech stay organized by using an outline. Consider creating a timeline following two food items such as organic beef versus processed beef, start from the birth of the animal, through raising, packaging and consumption. Using this as your guide will give you the opportunity to discuss all of the benefits of organic food.Organic Food -- Environment concerns impacting the way we shop The industry I have chosen for this report is the organic food industry and in particular the distribution channels for the food industry in Ireland and how they have reacted towards the changing in trends in consumer buying behaviour.

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Free Persuasive essay example on obesity: healthy Food vs fast food. Essay on obesity: healthy Food vs fast food essay. Organic food is expensive due to a number of different factors. Today only one-tenth of American citizens buy organic foods on a regular basis.

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Organic Food Speech Essay Organic Food I have a question for you at the beginning of this speech. Who just eat organic food everyday? Obviously! According my research, which I gave the question to my friends. Most of them know about. Persuasive Essay: Organic Foods Persuasive Essay: Organic Foods Introduction The organic versus non-organic argument has ranted and raved for decades (Belasco, ).

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