How to write a letter of complaint to your boss

However, rarely do these same employees consider their boss may also need to hear positive feedback as well.

How to write a letter of complaint to your boss

Letters Sample Unfair Treatment Letter of Complaint Now a days abusing of your boss is in general but if you cannot handle it anymore or you should have to then this below sample Letter will help you somehow.

To the Department of Human Resources Date: Bearing employee number and has been working with the company since Feb 21,with a solid track record of sales and office management since 2year and 6 month.

I am writing this letter to lodge a complaint against my boss and to complain about an unfortunate incident that recently happened to me at the office. Rajesh Kumar Area Manager Delhi had abused me and censure severely me with unofficial slangs word.

Due to his abusing words in office and Unfair Treatment in front of public. This is happened today morning he did not tried understood any situations nor tried to solve it, without acknowledge in written viz.

So I decided after this email I should consult and put a First Information Record to nearest Police station for my safety. I need this job.

So, please take some action to Mr. Rajesh Kumar as he did this integrity issue, kindly relocate me to some other outlet where I can get a pleasant office atmosphere.Aug 21,  · The letter you are writing is from him or her.

I worked in corporate for years and wrote many of my bosses letters. If they feel you are articulate enough to put the letter together, it's a credit to your skills but you are not acknowledged on the Resolved.

To write a complaint letter to your boss, first consider the reason for the complaint, lay it out systematically, and then provide a detailed explanation for your preferred resolution.

This approach ensures that the complaint is conveyed in a professional manner. If you're a boss, this may or may not apply to you. So if it doesn't apply, no need to get worry.

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But if it does apply, I hope you seriously consider a strong introspection about the ripple effects of your actions and whether or not you're influencing the workplace in the ways that you intend. Jun 27,  · Follow your company's complaint procedure to the letter. Dot the "i's" and cross the "t's" when you report to HR so that the department can't reject your complaint on procedural grounds.

When your workplace becomes unbearable, one option is to write a grievance letter. When you're having serious problems on the job, sometimes it's not possible to solve them yourself.

how to write a letter of complaint to your boss

To make things better, you might consider writing a grievance or complaint letter to your supervisors or Human Resources officers. Remember that a letter of concern is not a complaint letter so it is best to refrain from complaining about a coworker or a tight deadline.

What follows is a free sample letter of concern to your boss that you can use to write your own.

How to Write Complaint Letter to the Boss - Samples & Example