Global crossing case

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Global crossing case

Reset A A Font size: August 21, Before: Shortley, III argued the cause for petitioner. With him on the briefs were Danny E. Adams and Steven A. Citron, Counsel, Federal Communications Commission, argued the cause for respondent.

On the brief were Christopher J. Wright, General Counsel, John E. Department of Justice, and Catherine G. Glover, Edward Shakin, Gilbert E. Geldon and John M.

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Goodman were on the brief for intervenors Verizon Telephone Companies. Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc. Previously, PSPs had received no revenue for originating certain calls such as subscriber and other toll-free number calls and were prohibited from blocking callers from making some of those calls such as access code calls.

See Bell Atlantic-Delaware v. The Commission concluded that PSPs must be compensated for all such calls, and determined that IXCs, as the primary beneficiaries of those calls, should be responsible for providing that compensation.

Global Crossing is an IXC that provides both interstate and intrastate telephone toll service. Since Octoberwhen the per call compensation requirement became effective, Verizon has delivered calls from its payphones to Global Crossing.

Global Crossing replied that it would not pay compensation until Verizon provided additional information, specified by Global Crossing, establishing that Verizon had in fact satisfied the compensation eligibility prerequisites-particularly the removal of those subsidies.

In Septemberthe Common Carrier Bureau held that Verizon had adequately certified its compliance with the prerequisites for receiving compensation and ordered Global Crossing to pay Verizon for applicable past and future calls.

Order on Review, Bell Atlantic-Delaware v. We consider these two arguments below. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.


By allowing Verizon to rely on certification alone, petitioner continues, the FCC permitted the LEC PSP to receive per call compensation without regard to whether it had in fact discontinued its payphone subsidies.

Moreover, if a LEC PSP is found to have certified falsely, it faces additional penalties, including fines and forfeitures, in an enforcement action brought by the Commission. Although the enforcement regime chosen by the Commission may not be the only one possible, we must uphold it as long as it is a reasonable means of implementing the statutory requirements.

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Global Crossing is a telecommunications company providing computer networking services worldwide.

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It was founded in by Gary Winnick, Abbot L. Brown, David L. Lee and Barry Porter through Pacific Capital Group. It is said that Global Crossing was the first global communications provider with. Global Crossing Management Planning Global Crossing Management Planning Global Crossing is an integrated, global telecommunications Crossing provides customers with multimedia communications that help businesses grow and succeed.

Recently, Global Crossing has created a professional relationship with . Case Summary Global Crossing, Ltd.

Securities Litigation. Case Summary. Case Status: SETTLED On or around 09/26/ (Date of order of final judgment) Filing Date: April 30, On September 25, , the Court entered the Orders approving the Plan of Allocation and awarding attorneys’ fees and reimbursement of expenses.

ABOUT US. Crossing Borders is a non-profit, civil society organization. Crossing Borders educate and empower young people to become active global citizens.

Global crossing case

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