Child marriage research paper essay

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Child marriage research paper essay

Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab world. Following the Spring ofit has been left with a disturbing power vacuum. Nearly fifty percent of all women in Yemen were married as children Harlan,para. According to Al Amodi14 percent of girls are married before the age of 15 while 52 percent of girls are married before the age of 18 years and some cases have even younger ages as low as eight years old girls.

The issue in child marriage is that girls who get married young often drop out of school and lose the chance of their right in education. Another issue child marriage imposes on the Yemeni society is the health issue of the future generations born from these marriages age AlAmodi,p.

Although child marriage continues to be common in many areas in Yemen, officials and politicians either deny or promise to establish a new law to set a minimum age of marriage in the country.

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Ina law sets the minimum age for marriage to be 17 years. However, the conservative members of the parliament objected to this law, arguing it is un-Islamic to set a minimum age of marriage, and therefore the law was not implemented.

The failure of implementing such a law is severely damaging the society on several levels. Therefore, child marriage in Yemen should stop as it violates human rights, has devastating health consequences and violates international laws Al Amodi,p.


These are rights preserved in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that states that Marriage shall be entered only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses. Furthermore, child marriage violates the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as many other international and regional human rights instruments and declarations Jiminiz,p.

One of the rights girls lose when married so young and has a crucial effect on their lives is the right to be educated. And the logical consequence of this exclusion is often poverty.

In Yemen, one girl who married at the age of 12 told Human Rights Watch that all she is gone for is to be a mother and a homemaker because she is illiterate.

Without education, girls and adult women have fewer opportunities to financially provide for themselves and their families. According to Ramdanithe Human Rights Watch has documented the critical and long run harm of child marriage on Yemeni girls, where they are in most cases forced to get married by their families.

In some cases, girls in Yemen are forced to marriage as young as eight years old. A famous example of these extreme cases is Nujood Ali, a Yemeni girl who was married at the age of eight and divorced at the age of 10 Sheffer,para.

Nujood is one of many cases of child marriage in Yemen, but unlike other cases, Nujood grabbed international attention and it even went to becoming a bestselling book. The significance of this case is that it showed the hideous reality of child marriage, and it is one of the rare cases where a child was granted divorce, breaking the tribal tradition in Yemen Daragahi,para.

Nujood, who was eight years old at the time, was fundamentally manipulated into getting married Daragahi,para. However, what followed was a series of sexual and physical abuses that started on the wedding night.

The previous facts clearly demonstrate violations to the Declaration of Human Rights, but in Yemen, it is unfortunately more complicated.

Under the Yemeni law, there is no crime of marital rape, therefore, Nujood the eight-year-old child was raped by her husband and there were no laws broken. Nujood is only a case among thousands to say the least, but it represents the amount of injustice and oppression the issue of child marriage brings to the Yemeni young society.

Health Consequences of Child Marriage Another aspect of the problem of child marriage in Yemen and another reason why there should be clear deterrent laws to stop child marriage is the devastating health dangers that young girls are subject to. These dangers include depression, dangers during sexual intercourses, threats during pregnancy and labor as well as endangering the born infants Nour,para.

Child marriage research paper essay

This role in Yemen means that a girl under the age of 10 will act as a domestic worker, and eventually a mother Nour,para. And according to Khanearly married girls are at a higher risk of psychological disorders than those who get married as adults.

As young girls in Yemen are denied the right to freely express their views and the fact that they are being controlled by devastating traditional practices, this will, in turn, increase the risk of lifetime and recurrent psychological disorders.

Moreover, early married girls are more likely to experience domestic violence from their husbands, and in Yemen, domestic violence is a growing issue that leads to depression among married women.This is a sample essay on Child Marriage for school and college students.

The legal age for marriage in India is 18 years for girls and 21 for boys. Any marriage of a person younger than this is banned under the Child Marriage Prevention Act, Throughout the world, marriage is considered to be a happy moment in everyone’s life and is a moment of celebration but sadly, the practice of child marriage gives no such reason for celebration.

Short Essay on Child Marriage

A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the one child together, and consider their marriage good.) The researcher then had the participants complete an essay separately that spoke as to why they believed.

3 they have a good marriage. This was asked of ten couples, of which, three were. Marriage is a formalized, binding partnership between consenting adults.

Child marriage involves either one or both spouses being children and may take place under civil, religious or customary laws with or without formal registration. Article shared by. This is a sample essay on Child Marriage for school and college students.. The legal age for marriage in India is 18 years for girls and 21 for boys.

Any marriage of a person younger than this is banned under the Child Marriage Prevention Act, This paper, entitled “Child Marriages and other abuses among Muslims of Sri Lanka”, is an edited and much improved version of an article contributed by the author, Justice Saleem Marsoof, PC to the 52nd Edition of Meezan, a publication of the Sri Lanka Law Students’ Muslims Majlis under the title “Child Marriage and connected issues of Abuse in the Context of MMDA.”.

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