An exciting train journey

The scenery is amazing as you see beautiful green hills covered of tea plantations, steep mountains, old lovely bridges, waterfalls, small villages, and you are greeted by lots of local kids running along the train tracks. The 7-hour train trip Ella to Kandy takes you through green and lush tea plantation The small and charming Ella Train Station Taking the train to or from Ella is the most famous stretch of train travel in Sri Lanka, and is nearly a tourist attraction in itself. Lots of people waiting for the train at Ella train station At each train station on the way, the train cabins get filled with sellers hustling treats like freshly cut pineapple and mango with cinnamon, corn with salty butter, freshly made rice and curry, chili fritters, and crispy papadums.

An exciting train journey

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Hope she likes it. With a glorious past behind me, I was a happily married guy now. The wild beast was tamed, or so it seemed. Well, one of my ex-girlfriends used to say that I had this mysterious body odor that attracted her to me.

Maybe the reason why I was attracted to so many girls. And here I was a simple, athletic not muscular guy with an average height and a cute face.

Anyways, coming to the story. On the way to Kolkata, there was a group of girls in my compartment. There were other travelers also around but who wants to talk about them, when there is a group of young, chirpy, college girls, each as sexy as can be in their own ways.

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It was a long journey and most of it was in the night and it did seem like a long night. I was reading a book and one of the girls did try to strike a conversation but I ignored as I wanted to finish the book which was getting interested as it neared its climax.

So it was about 1 am by the time I finished the book and most of the people had slept except these girls who were still indulged in their gossips. And so I got down from my berth and took a break. I went to the toilet and took a leak.

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And it had to happen, in my haste, I had missed locking the door and as luck would have it, someone pushed the door open. And there she was, one of the girls from the group — a pretty little thing, in pretty little clothes. And there she was, looking at me, at my manhood. And for a fraction of time, there was no reaction from either one of us, like time had stopped.

Then she walked away, shutting the door. Now I was embarrassed to return to my seat. So I took some time as I stood on the door, feeling the cold air hitting my face as the train sped towards its destination.

After about an hour, I returned to my seat hoping the girl would have slept. But she was awake and from the looks of all the girls, it was evident that she had discussed her experience with her mates. And they all kept staring at me and giggling and their eyes glared at me.

I could feel that they were trying to see through my jeans and imagining what their friend had just seen. And I started getting a hard-on. After a few minutes, I could not take it anymore and I got up from my seat and walked back to the door.

I could hear the whispering, arguments of the girls as I walked away. The other girls were chiding her to do something.

An exciting train journey

And then the dream began. Something I never thought would happen. She came up to me.As a zombie outbreak sweeps the country, a dad and his daughter take a harrowing train journey in an attempt to reach the only city that's still safe.

Watch trailers & learn more. The journey itself is reason enough to take the a Trans-Siberian railway tour travelling through the vast forests of Russia and the open steppe and desert of Mongolia before finishing in vast China, a .

Sep 20,  · Kalka - Shimla Railway: Exciting train travel - See 1, traveler reviews, 1, candid photos, and great deals for Shimla, India, at benjaminpohle.comon: Solan, India, India India.

Jul 11,  · An interesting sexual encounter with a virgin college girl during a boring train journey.

An exciting train journey

It all started after she accidentally saw my manhood and got excited/5(K). One of the best things about our amazing train holidays is the opportunity to see a destination from its best vantage point - winding through the towns, cities, and .

Rovos Rail Train Safari Routes. Rovos Rail is one of South Africa's finest and most luxurious trains. Trains travel through the heart of Africa combining magnificent scenery with the elegance and glamor of the golden age rail travel.

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