An comparison of wilfred owen and alfred lord tennyson about war poetry

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An comparison of wilfred owen and alfred lord tennyson about war poetry

Hire Writer Their commander had mistaken his orders, and instead of sending the cavalry to retrieve some captured British guns, he sent them into a valley where the Russians were waiting with their firearms.

The men armed only with sabres could not match the Russian guns and cannons and few survived the short battle. The first verse of the poem is when the Light Brigade is walking, just before they are about to charge.

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This verse has repetition and rhyme creating the feel of horses galloping onwards with their pace, like the poem. He could have used the full order, which included more detail, but he stuck with the simple one so that he could get the message across quickly.

This simple order gives you the feeling that you are charging straight into the enemy instead of the orders full potential, which was to go around the back and surprise the enemy. This is a strong image because being referred to as the valley of death; the soldiers must have had the knowledge that they were about to stare death in the eye.

The language used in this verse is quite repetitive and goes to a rhythm, so that you feel like you are one of the soldiers just about to charge. This makes me feel patriotic because they are fighting for their country and the enemy is fighting for the country, and this is the indication that the people fighting are quite similar.

They are similar because they have both got families and if any one of them got killed their families would suffer, when they are just fighting over a bit of land. As the first verse finished the second one that tells this story further with the Light Brigade saying their final words before charging.

The soldiers still got the image of a hero and not a coward because they stuck to their requests. Tennyson creates the image that the soldiers know that they are galloping to their doom, but for them to question the order would have them killed for treason, so they rode on as sitting ducks but with honour and pride.

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In this verse the message for you is to obey the order or die with reason. This verse makes me feel unhappy because six hundred soldiers are going to be killed with no form of protecting themselves.

The key word in that was cannon because with the three times it was mentioned it made the Light Brigades task almost impossible. The three lines from the poem give you the image that had blundered as it said in verse two.

An comparison of wilfred owen and alfred lord tennyson about war poetry

Tennyson shows what heroes the soldiers are by saying that they stuck to their mission although they were riding into a trap. In the next verse the battle commences.

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This verse creates the sense of the strength of the soldiers because they are still fighting although their chances of success are very slim. This shows you what heroes they are because they are going into attack the enemy with everything they have got.

It also says that rather fight over something when it can be agreed with no deaths, like a peace treaty. This shows that they penetrated the Russian front line and in the quote then rhyming brings it to life, as if you were there.

Tennyson is using this language to a good effect because with all the people that were killed the effect of mentioning it in the poem would be catastrophic. This verse makes me feel very sad because people are dying, for what?.

This only gives them the pleasure of dying over a bit of land fighting for their country, when they could have had it sorted out with no killing in a contracted mutual agreement. The fifth verse of the poem shows that the Light Brigade are fully aware of their mistake and are retreating. This repetition is quite effective because it is as they have come back from the dead to escape the valley of death.

He shows that they are retreating because they are outnumbered heavily. The Light Brigade are clawing their way out whilst still being pulled back, still being fired at into the valley of death. This is a compliment to the light brigade by Tennyson because instead of thinking about the odds of them winning which were pretty slim — they pushed it aside and fought bravely for their country as anyone in that century would.

The language used in this verse is very complimentary because the Light Brigade are being honoured for their bravery and still gives the image that they are heroes although it might have been doubted in the blundered order.

The Light Brigade are described as heroes, although they are retreating it is because of how brave they are and what dedication they give to their country when their country needs them in time of crisis.

Tennyson finally emphasises his message in the final verse. This verse has a slower pace to the other ones that were at the start because it is slowing right down with the pace of the lyrics.

Tennyson is now deeply complimenting the Light Brigade in saying how glorious they are. Tennyson also commands the reader to honour the men of the Light Brigade because of the noble task they did of fighting for country they should be honoured for bravery, nobility and praised for their efforts for their homeland.

The message that this is saying is that to be a hero is everything although ignoring the success rate is not that important.

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The poet Wilfred Owen was a soldier in these trenches and described the misery of what happened and does it with great effect. Wilfred Owen wrote this poem during World War 1.

He wrote this poem but it is written not to glorify war, but to reveal the true nature of war from a consequence of first hand experience of human suffering. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the people were still loyal, honourable and had a sense of duty.

However, Owen saw a great deal of suffering that led him to develop a moral view of war.Social Justice Education for Teachers, Carlos Alberto Torres, Pedro Noguera My First Wheel Book of Animals, Robert Salanitro The Day of the Confederacy, Nathaniel W.

Stephenson Burrows, Therese Hopkins . The Crimean war in the s and the Great War in the early s have both been an inspiration for great prose and poetry. Two such examples are "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Tennyson inspired by the famous attack of the , and "Disabled" .

Tennyson did not fight in any wars so did not have the same knowledge of war when writing COTLB as the writer of the second poem, Wilfred Owen. COTLB was written during the Crimean War. The Crimean War was fought between and and involved Britain, France and Turkey against Russia.

Based on a comprehensive survey in , and extended to other asylums. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Lord Tennyson and W.B Yeats: A Comparison of Women in Poetry - Lord Tennyson and W.B Yeats: A Comparison Of Women Poetry, like other forms of written expression, is subject to change with the progression of time and expansion of thought.

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