Aircraft winglets

You can also complete shorter missions with greater payload and fuel reserves.

Aircraft winglets

End plates Winglets have become popular additions to high speed aircraft to increase fuel efficiency by reducing drag from wingtip vortices. In lower speed aircraft, the effect of the wingtip shape is less apparent, with only a marginal performance difference between round, square, and Hoerner style tips [1] The slowest speed aircraft, STOL aircraft, may use wingtips to shape airflow for controlability at low airspeeds.

Wing tips are also an expression of aircraft design style, so their shape may be influenced by marketing considerations as well as by aerodynamic requirements. Wing tips are often used by aircraft designers to mount navigation lightsanti-collision strobe lightslanding lightshandholds, and identification markings.

Wing tip tanks can act as a winglet and distribute weight more evenly across the wing spar. On fighter aircraftthey may also be fitted with hardpointsfor mounting drop tanks and weapons systems, such as missiles and electronic countermeasures.

Aerobatic aircraft use wingtip mounted crosses for visual attitude reference.

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Wingtip mounted smoke systems and fireworks highlight rolling aerobatic maneuvers. Some airshow acts feature the pilot touching or dragging the wingtip along the ground.

Aircraft with a single main landing gear or very high aspect ratio wings such as glidersmay place small landing gear in the wingtips.

Some early World War I aircraft used wooded skids on the wingtips to minimize damage on ground looping incidents.

Aircraft winglets

Several amphibious aircraft such as the Consolidated PBY Catalinause retractable wingtips as floats. Moveable wingtips can affect the controlability of a wing.

Wing warping the ends of the wing, produced roll control on the earliest of aircraft such as the Wright Flyer. The North American XB Valkyrie raised and lowered its wingtips in flight to adjust its stability in supersonic and subsonic flight.

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Wingtips can also house the power plant or thrust of an aircraft. The EWR VJ used tip mounted jets, the V uses tilting wingtip mounted engines, and the Harrier uses wingtip thrust for stability while hovering.

Rotary wing aircraft wingtips may be swept or curved to reduce noise and vibration. Some rotary wing aircraft place their propulsion in wingtip tip jets. Folding wingtips[ edit ] The Boeing X will feature 3.

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NEWS RELEASE Icelandair the First to Operate Scimitar Blended Winglets in Europe Seattle, WA, February 15, – Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) announced today that Icelandair is the first.

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