Advertising campaign analysis of absolut vodka

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Advertising campaign analysis of absolut vodka

He lives together with his wife in a wonderful home in Los Angeles called Elyx House, named after the super premium vodka brand he has successfully built since its release in But not only has he built the brand from scratch, he is also making sure the term 'living the brand' is taken quite literally.

It means everything for me — both professionally and personally. Because ever since I started working for Absolut inI wanted to make a more exclusive and artisanal vodka. I pitched the idea to the management and got the go ahead we needed.

After a while Krister Asplund — the Master Distiller at the time — started exploring a few ideas he had in mind. As it turned out, Krister was right. That old copper still was just what we needed to make a vodka with a smooth taste and with a quality that outshined the competition.

The only problem was that nobody knew anything about it yet. Firstly, instead of seeing it as just a regular new addition to our portfolio, we set up an entirely new company for Absolut Elyx, based in New York.

Another idea we had was that the first apartment I had in New York would not only act as my home. The media described it as a playground for celebrities, influencers and the elite, which was exactly what we wanted it to feel like.

Our goal was to make Elyx really became part of the culture in New York City. But the house is divided into three separate areas.

One is for parties and representation of course, another one is for our office and the third one is where we live.

Advertising campaign analysis of absolut vodka

And most importantly, our guests feel at home there. I took a huge risk in leaving Stockholm and starting something entirely new in an entirely different continent.

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So, the fact that I managed to build something from scratch makes me very proud. Just to give you an idea: A while ago, I was in a very famous hotel called Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

I happened to hear that she was asking for an Elyx Martini. Naturally, that made me very proud, but when I realized that the woman in front of me was Cate Blanchet, I got goose bumps. That really told me we must be doing something right here.

Please visit the Absolut Elyx homepage for more information about the super premium vodka. For the sough-after Elyx copper collection of bar tools, drinking vessels and even clothing, please visit the Elyx Boutique.

Since his job is to reduce the environmental impact from the production, he was a bit surprised when he soon learned that part of that mission would involve feeding thousands of pigs and cows.

What was your first impression of this place? This is one of the most energy effective and advanced distilleries in the world, which naturally makes it hard to find areas where you can reduce the energy consumption.

Pigs and cows get food from vodka? One such waste product is in fact alcohol. We end up with tons of unwanted alcohols after the distillation process is done, but instead of treating it as waste, we want to reuse it as fuel here at the distillery.


If everything goes according to plan, that fuel would be used to create vapor, which is essential in every distillery. It would massively reduce our dependence on propane gas, which we currently use —and instead see us use our own renewable fuel.

So, this would in fact take us one step closer towards a circular production.


Yes, of course it is. Those are some very ambitious goals. For instance — in order to become water resource neutral, we have to build an on-site water treatment plant. Yes, we recently started a project involving co-bots — collaborative robots — designed to work together with us in the factory.Benefits of social media for brand building 1.

Increase brand awareness. With nearly half of the world’s population using social media platforms, they’re a natural place to . June 26, RAAA launches the Advertising Pitch Guide – Recommendations for effective and transparent pitches.

the rest of the marketing mix.

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x Patricia Blackburn President, Director and Principal Broker.

Advertising campaign analysis of absolut vodka

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