A biography of george washington the first president and one of the founding fathers of the united s

According to Ellis, Washington was always searching for a means to control his inner passions and his destiny. He fumed under the control that the British held over him during the Colonial America period.

A biography of george washington the first president and one of the founding fathers of the united s

The collection contains correspondence between George Washington and others. The majority of letters written by George Washington document his private life as a farmer and family man. Letters to his nephew, Bushrod Washington, and other family members detail family matters, settlement of estates, and other financial affairs.

Most of George Washington's correspondence is with the men who managed Mount Vernon during his prolonged absences: George Washington's letters concern plantation management and contain detailed instructions.

Letters also reveal relations and problems with white and slave labor and George Washington's views on slavery. Letters between George Washington and his nephew, Robert Lewis, concern the collection of rents due George Washington on his western land. Letters concerning George Washington's public life reveal his sentiments on being called to lead the Continental Army and the presidency.

Also included are his observations on state adoptions of the Constitution, the Jay Treaty, and European intervention.

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Reports from estate managers include all aspects of farming, as well as the operation of the mill and distillery, and physical improvements made to Mount Vernon. A few letters to George Washington are from officers describing army morale, lack of supplies, and need for new recruits in the Continental Army.

Letters from friends include reports on Federalist and anti- Federalist divisions and tension, particularly in Virginia.

Other papers include financial records: Financial accounts document the purchase of household and personal goods, as well as farming expenditures and doctor bills. There are also twenty memoranda by George Washington describing household and travel expenses while president as well as a list of paintings and descriptions of the interior and exterior of Mount Vernon, Also included are estate papers of family members; legal suits; list of indentured servants for local landowners in ; list of names, occupations, and salaries of 86 workers on the Potomac Canal in ; original land grants for land eventually purchased by George Washington; and a report on the sale of furniture from the Fairfax family's estate sale at Belvoir.

The collection also includes plans, plats, and surveys by George Washington: In the John Parke Custis Papers,17 items. The collection contains twelve letters written by John Parke Custis,mostly to Martha or George Washington, and one written to him by Martha Washington, He discusses family matters, his concern for his mother's health, and an explanation of how the smallpox vaccination will allow her to freely travel with George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

He expresses much concern over the depreciation of paper money and the need for stable currency. His letters describe the terrible situation of runaway slaves during the war and how many have been found dead in the woods.

A letter from Martha to her son reports from military camp during the war.

A biography of george washington the first president and one of the founding fathers of the united s

Also included are miscellaneous estate papers. In the Lawrence Lewis Papers,95 items. The papers contain a letter from George Washington who expresses his desire to see the Virginia legislature adopt a policy of gradual abolition of slavery, describes his domestic duties at Mount Vernon, and details responsibilities Lawrence Lewis would have if he came to Mount Vernon.American Culture: George Washington Mini Biography George Washington (February 22, – December 14, ) was the first President of the United States (–97), the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Greatest Founding Father He is considered the greatest of the Founding Fathers because he is the Father of the United States of America. Little. George Wahington George Washington was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America.

A biography of george washington the first president and one of the founding fathers of the united s

He served as commander-in-chief of the Continental army during the Revolutionary War, and later served as the first president of the United States. Considered the eminent biography, James T. Flexner originally wrote a four volume biography of America's First President, one volume of which won the a Pulitzer Prize citation in George Washington: The Indispensable Man is the condensed version, and an invaluable addition to any Founders' Library.

Washington’s father died in , and young George grew restive under his mother's management. He proposed at one point to follow the sea, but instead divided his adolescence among the households of relatives, finding a home and a model in his half-brother Lawrence at Mount Vernon.

The first, and maybe most important Founding Father was born in February 22nd, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. was one of the most important Founding Fathers as he essentially invented our "George Washington Biography." The benjaminpohle.com Website.

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